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About ISW

Our Mission

Our mission has been to search the globe for only the most prestigious brands to supply the market with.  We have a variety of wines all the way from Chile, France, Italy, Argentina, Portugal, Mexico and even from right here in the United States. 

Based in Westchester County, New York, International Spirits and Wine LLC has been a top importer and distributor of the finest, high-quality spirits and wines since 2008. Our portfolio consists of products that go above and beyond the expectations of accounts both on and off-premise as well as end consumers. We have an upbeat, family-oriented culture about us built on hard work and dedication as well as putting our people first. We pride ourselves on low employee turnover and everyday growth. Our importing business has built a world-class reputation internationally, as we continue to exceed the expectations of our suppliers in building their businesses and finding their perfect niche here in the US. 

Our international team has countless connections globally that allow us to find any product at any price point for our customers. We specialize in creating private labels for both wines and spirits, and have capabilities of supplying products across all 50 states of the US, and serve as a self distributor in select markets. As a distributor, our customer service is second to none. With no "out of stock" issues, no ridiculous minimum orders, and 24/7 customer assistance, we treat each customer as a business partner. We work with them to offer products they can't buy anywhere else, for prices that allow only the best margins. International Spirits and Wines is an innovator in the Beverage industry. We're two steps ahead of our competition at all times, nimble, and looking for only the best employees to join our team.

Achieving ISW's business purpose is only possible within a context of corporate responsibility. For us, this means promoting responsible consumer enjoyment of our brands, reducing alcohol abuse and misuse, protecting the environment, providing a healthy, safe, and inclusive workplace, and contributing to the global communities where we operate.

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