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The Lazo brand expresses the legacy and spirit of Chilean terroir. It takes as its greatest reference Chilean Patagonia due to its exceptional natural beauty and admirable Patagonian gauchos (Chilean cowboys) who work under extreme conditions at the southernmost point of the world, accompanied by their faithful horses and their essential Lazo (lasso).


These wines are influenced by the rivers, which give them their alluvial origin. The soils vary from sandy loam to clay and have a high gravel content.


Our line of products consists of young, fresh and fruity wines with gentle tannins and a pleasant structure. It is easy to pair them with any meal. These are attractive wines for those just starting to discover the world of wine.



Lazo_Sauvignon Blanc.jpg

Sauvignon Blanc



Lazo_Cabernet Sauvignon.jpg

Cabernet Sauvignon

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