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Don Alejandro Silver is crystal clear, premium mixing tequila. Made with 75% Agave, this light, and fresh Silver tequila is a favorite among the Margarita lovers. Many prefer this smooth, soft and light tequila over an aged tequila with a slight oak flavor.


Don Alejandro Tequila is estate-grown agave, harvested from its own fields in the tradition of the greatest tequila producers of Jalisco, Mexico since 1600. Little has changed but the addition of state of the art technology allowing optimum consistency and yields from the premium agave plants.


Great pricing & better quality. The best-mixed drinks start with the finest ingredients, and Don Alejandro proudly presents a 75% distilled agave in both Gold and Silver styles. Most other brands are only 51% agave, placing Don Alejandro above its competitors in quality, taste, aroma and hearty agave flavor.


One would suspect a higher price for higher quality, but Don Alejandro is a value-based brand.

Enjoy Don Alejandro, the superior mixing Tequila.

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Don Alejandro Bottle Gold.jpg


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