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Piccolo Tesoro, which in Italian means “Little Treasure,” is sparkling rose wine from Italy. It comes from the Moscato or Muscat grape, where it is carefully harvested and fermented in temperature-controlled conditions to bring out the lush peach, apricot and melon flavors characteristic of Moscato. The delicate pink color adds a festive quality that makes this Piccolo Tesoro a “treasure in a bottle.” It is perfect for a hot summer’s day!


Prosecco Rose

Piccolo Tesoro Prosecco.png

Moscato Prosecco

Piccolo Tesoro Moscato.jpg

Moscato Spumante

Piccolo Tesoro Chianti.jpg


Piccolo Tesoro Pino Grigio.jpg

Pinot Grigio

Piccolo_Tesoro_Moscato_Bottle Shot.jpg


Piccolo Tesoro.jpg

Moscato Rose

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