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Painter, visual artist. A graphic designer by trade, Nokat opens up to new technologies
very early in her career. She then becomes a webmaster with a predilection for web
designing. An urban girl, Nokat finds her raw material in the street, in flea markets and
places where old-fashioned objects, books, magazines, and posters try and reinvent a
new life to themselves.
A modern artist, she casts into her highly colored paintings all the questions arising
from a disrupted society whose paradigm is changing. Fukushima, 9/11, Big Brother,
digital traceability of individuals… She sometimes tackles dark topical issues evoked
through antagonistic compositions mixing colors, logos, images…
Truly humane, frank and straightforward, her whole character can be found in her series
of full-frontal portraits in which her models’ humanity is captured in their eyes. Being
a geek, she builds her approach by integrating digital technologies so as to conceive
her creations and elaborate her brightly colored paintings which reveal faultless lines as
well as a sense of composition and pictorial balance.
Curious by nature, she uses acrylic paint, collages, varnish mixtures, fluo paints or even
spray paint to constantly get her work to evolve.
Our «Cuvée Nokat» is the expression of the French modern culture: the ancestral
knowhow of wine-making combined with the design of a growing artist.
This fruity wine will seduce every Bordeaux wine lovers.

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