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Misha’s Vineyard Wines is committed to best practices in all levels of vineyard management and wine production. We are fully certified “Sustainable” under the New Zealand Winegrowers certification program and use only certified sustainable contract service suppliers.

Misha’s Vineyard grew from a passion for wine and a passion for marketing. Our professional lives took us to Singapore in 1993 where we had regional executive roles in marketing and sales for global companies. In our personal lives, we pursued our pleasure, our passion – food and wine. Each vacation would be spent touring wine regions of the world and learning as much as we could about the food, the wines, and the people from those regions.

It’s been a long journey so far, we now export to 17 countries and have already been named as one of New Zealand’s Top 20 Wine Producers, and we’re still only in the ‘early days’ in terms of producing wine.

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The Starlet

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